Don’t buy a used car seat for Infants

Don’t buy a used car seat for Infants

If garage sales and other classifieds are all good opportunities to equip yourself without breaking the bank, it is better not to buy a second-hand child car seat best pack and play with bassinet, because you will not have any verifiable information on its actual condition, especially if it has been in an accident. You need to choose the best infant car seat in this case.

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Think about the ease of installation

Before choosing a child car seat, check that it is easy to install pack and play with bassinet and changing table. For the hulls (Group 0+), you can for example buy a base that you will install on the seat of the car, you will attach and remove the cozy in a jiffy. Later, you can opt for a swivel car seat, to seat your child without having to contort yourself. Some seat models are finally equipped with strap guides or colored markers allowing the belt to be installed correctly, without twists that are dangerous for the safety of your child. Check that the model of your choice has it.

Make sure your child is comfortable

To travel with the family in peace, it is better for your child to feel comfortable in his seat. Make sure your equipment offers different recline positions (especially for the hulls) so that baby can doze off eventually. Some cases also have reducing cushions intended to keep babies at small stature. Take a look at the padding of the walls, the quality of the textiles, the headrest adjustment system. Finally, prefer car seats whose cover is removable to be able to wash it from time to time.

Which car seat to choose?

On the following pages, you will find model selections, sorted by group, to help you choose a child car seat. All featured models received at least 4 out of 5 stars in TCS tests. They are presented one after the other without classification. However, the models with the highest crash test scores are at the top of each selection. Beyond the overall score, it is nevertheless advisable to take a look at the detailed results of the crash tests.

Child safety

Car seats group 0+ from birth to 13 kg

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I-Size car seats

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