Final Submission

Mail carrier on break, 1981.
A mail carrier takes a break in a Milwaukee neighborhood in 1981. Photograph courtesy of the Wisconsin Historical Society, Image ID 9132.

When you’ve finished researchingwriting, and revising it’s time to get your submission is in order for publication as part of the Wisconsin 101 online exhibit.

Your final submission will consist of:

  1. An object description of 150-200 words
  2. Related stories of 300-400 words
  3. Accompanying images


Please make sure you’ve listed your sources at the end of each of your related stories. And don’t forget your sources for each of the images you’re submitting as well!


Your object description and related stories should all be submitted in Microsoft Word’s .doc or .docx format. If you need help with file formats, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your images should be submitted individually as jpeg (.jpg) files. Please send us the largest and highest-quality images you can find. For more on finding images, click here.

If you wish to submit any audio or video with your object history, please contact us first.


When you’re ready to submit, send us an email at with your object description, stories, and images attached. In your email, please also be sure to include some supporting information:

  • Where you found your images and who owns them
  • Potential captions for your images, including the author, date, and owner
  • Any potential connections you found to other stories and objects on the site
  • Any questions you want to ask or other information we should know

Publication usually takes place within a few weeks after your final submission. Once your cluster is published, you will appear on the Wisconsin 101 site as the author of both your object description and its related stories. You will also have the option to participate in creating a radio segment for Wisconsin Public Radio’s Wisconsin Life.

If that interests you, we will arrange for WPR producers to contact you for an interview, during which you’ll sit down together to discuss your object and its stories. Once completed, your radio segment will air within a year or so. We will do our best to notify you of the air date. Once it has aired, the program will be available on both the Wisconsin 101 and WPR websites.

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